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>> a flash flood warning is in effect until 8:30 p.m. tonight. >> hd? rubik's up on those storms trekking through hartford county. -- hd doppler is dragging its those storms through hertford county. just east of bel-air and making its way across i-95. on the southern end of that, another strong storm just south of the white marsh and essex area. the hot, humid weather and on the region is leading to heavy thunderstorms since the localized flooding threat will be there into the evening and day tomorrow. more on the forecast, coming up. >> baltimore county police are investigating illegal gambling allegations tied to a bar owner in dundal,.
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the warrant executed on june 29 stemmed from a citizen complaint of illegal gambling. >> the complaint was that he is paying off on illegal gaming machines and has been for years. historically an undercover officer would have to document it in order to serve a search warrant. >> baltimore county police raided minnick restaurant are on june 29, executing a warrant based on an illegal gambling complain and confiscated five devices. no arrests have been made no charges filed. the investigation continues. the owner's name along with his wife and brother on the liquor license of the bar. the delegates did not return our calls.
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we tried to meet him in person. we do not know the nature of the business, but it may have involved lots of cash. several stacks of bills could be seen pile on the table. the gentleman approaching identified himself as daniel minnick. >> i am the one who owns the place. -- runs the place. >> according to the liquor board, minnick is in good standing and there are no prior complaint. back in 2004, there was a crackdown on video gaming machines. minnick was quoted as saying at the time that he removed for machines -- four machines from his bar, but everyone put them back, so we put them back. in 2008, minnick said he paid $800 per year to baltimore county to operate each machine.
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favre owners typically advertise video gaming machines are for amusement only -- bar owners typically advertise video gaming machines are for the amusement only. >> it can cost those who own the license of anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 in earnings. >> police are searching for a man who broke a windshield with a hammer. state police are asking for your help in finding the suspect. the man is believed to be in his 50's or 60's and about 200 pounds. he walked into the woods from a parking lot at the 1300 block of concourse road. the man was seen wearing a red and blue plaid shirt and jeans. brian eskelsen is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of a mother and daughter whose bodies were
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found in a baltimore county hotel last month. they were laid to rest today. her family told 11 news that she was engaged to eggleston. he is now being held without bail after being addressed on an unrelated drug charge. police are searching for the person or persons responsible for fires that broke out in the 2600 block of sparrows point road over the weekend. >> most of the damage to this minivan happened inside. the smoke covered windshield and burned driver seat, evidence of arson. cady frazier of edgemere said her family heard a large boom around 4:00 a.m. then she found her husband's band on fire. what they did not know until the
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firefighters arrived was that there kia was also on fire. the family worried the flames would extend to their home. >> it was a fire and it potentially could have caught our house on fire. my kids are inside. >> are on the same time, this car and this dumpster were set on fire. the flames damaged the car repair stations roof. and just make store -- next door, the roof of this man's home was damaged. he used a fire extinguisher until firefighters arrived. no one was injured. >> we are very concerned. particularly in a situation where a building with a resident inside was set on fire. >> the fire had been set in dumpsters and unoccupied houses for the past three months. june 12, this house in the 2600
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block of mulrine avenue north was heavily damaged. the cause of the fire is still undetermined. police are still looking to a possible link for the cluster of fires that happened sunday. >> we believe that one individual or one group of individuals is responsible. >> in other news, a measure allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants will go back on the 2012 ballot. the state board of elections must get enough signatures to send the dream act to referendum. it would require students to meet certain criteria. a very intense day of negotiations at the white house. the president and congressional leaders were back at the table, trying to hammer out a deal before the deadline next month. nichole killian has a look at the progress.
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>> president obama called it a very constructive, but that any deal would require pain on both sides. after an hour-and-a-half long meeting with congressional leaders, president obama reported progress, but no deal on the debt limit. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues. >> the president did not get into specifics of the negotiations, but the white house claims everything is on the table, with one group -- one exception, say republicans. >> we will not raise taxes on the american people. >> any agreement to change the borrowing habits has to involve spending cuts. >> we do not have the money to continue spending the way we have been. >> the president said they will make bigger reductions to the deficit, but it pushed back on
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entitlement programs like social security. >> social security is not the short-term answer. >> do not consider social security began forgiving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. we are not going to balance the budget on the backs of america's seniors. >> the president and congressional leaders are expected to meet again sunday in washington. >> how is the sluggish economy affecting you. -- affecting you? you can give us your opinions at and will share some of these successes on 11 news. >> the world of football as remembering nicole legend tonight. john mackey passed away today. -- remembering an nfl legend tonight. john mackey passed away today. >> one of the pioneers indeed,
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maquis passes away. few have matched his efforts. he revolutionized the position of tight end. he lost a battle with dementia today at the age of 69. he played for the colts and promptly stunned anyone who tried to tackle him. he averaged better than 20 yards per catch his rookie season, ending a career with 38 touchdowns. and off the field he met life with the same veracity. -- the same ferocity. his legacy as many layers, but the lasting impression for teammates is one of awe. >> john mackey, you know, his running would set him apart from
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most titans of the day. his legacy will always be remembered. he was the guy who did it all at the tide and position. and it is hard to find someone like that. -- the tight end position. it is hard to find someone like that. >> coming up, why it may be a good thing for the world to send up a four game series with boston. >> severe thunderstorms from eastern baltimore county into harford county. we will attract those and check out the forecast and features. 90 degrees at pedialyte marshall. 89 at the inner harbor. >> and a reminder that you can be the first to note when news breaks. the son of four free breaking news text of arts at
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>> in tonight's education alert, baltimore county has highest student suspension rate in the state with 20,000 students being sent home last year. >> that is why the newest administrator is getting some extra training in that discipline. >> baltimore county held the first of five seminars for mostly new principals and assistant principals on some of the dos and don'ts of dealing with student behavior. >> often, you can see it that the kid is distressed or angry when they are at -- are riding high school. >> baltimore county administrators are being trained how to deal and discipline -- deal with and discipline
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students by the book. almost half of the students suspended in baltimore county were sent home for disruptive behavior. the district is telling its newest administrators to make the right call. >> for me, is finding out both sides of the story. >> finding out what is going on and how to do discipline and so on. >> many of these young people have been identified as emotionally disturbed. but they still get suspended from our comprehensive schools. >> i think it is very helpful for a new assistant principal coming into the building. it gives you all of the rules and policies and a gigantic binder to go back and use as a resource. it also gives you contact info to contact people at support services. needs arehild's basic the same. if we develop positive
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relationships with kids and teach them what we expect them to behave like, they will be of the way. but we cannot expect them to our expectations until we teach them. the real goal is to get administrators to be the teachers of teachers, so they will be the teachers of students. >> administrators will be kept up-to-date of any changes in school system rules and policies. student suspension numbers, not just for baltimore county, are available also across the state by going to >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> hot and humid weather, the cool front slowly moving in from the north. that equals thunderstorm activity in the mid atlantic in july. that is what we see a and a loving across central and northern maryland now. the flood warning for hertford county which is in effect for --
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until 8:30 p.m. has been dropped. the strongest part of a thunderstorm complex is pushing into parts of baltimore city. right near the baltimore city and county line there, there's a thunderstorm cell moving very slowly. it could produce wind gusts from 55 to 60 miles per hour. very heavy rain in eastern baltimore county. it stretches almost back into the inner harbor -- actually, back into the inner harbor. that storm is slowly drifting south. it will continue across dundalk oint in the next hour. that one tracking to carroll county moving along i 70 will
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approach from the west. that is the weather pattern will have to deal with not only for tonight but into tomorrow. the warning is in effect for that part of the county just to the east of the city. a flood warning was in effect for hertford county. most of the brain is drifting out over the bay. -- rain is drifting out over the day. thunderstorms could cause localized flooding through tomorrow afternoon. 95 at the airport today. in 98 degrees downtown. the record high was set just last year at 1 01. -- 101. five richmond, still in an i.d.'s and feeling quite monday. and feeling yuite muggy.
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this is the storm front ahead of this week cool front. it will make its way all day tomorrow through our area. finally further south, allowing high pressure to clear things out, especially for the second half of the weekend. tomorrow, in the 80's and still muggy. if you plan to be on the chesapeake, keep an eye on the sky. western maryland, 75 with storms and then clearing out with sunshine for the weekend. storms around the bay, 83 degrees. we will kick it off with some storms tomorrow and keep the thunderstorm threat going at ocean city saturday. lots of sunshine sunday and less humid. temperatures stay warm, but the humidity comes down. and even into early next week,
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high temperatures are still in the low 90's. >> it makes me feel good when i look over there and i see folks around. icy cold fans -- i can see colts fans. i want you to know i love you. >> an incredible day for the late, great, john mackey. he passed away at the age of 69 this morning. what an impact he leaves behind. the ring ceremony in baltimore was off the charts. and exposition game between the dolphins and coldspring gave us a moment fans would never forget.
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>> i want to thank you for burnie rybak to this -- bringing me back to the stadium one more time. [cheers and applause] one more time to be with my family and friends, with the greatest ballplayer is in the national football league, holtz.ore coac the >> a special reaction from around the league today. roger goodell said he was a courageous advocates for the nfl association. he served as the first president of the nfl youth football fund. he never stopped fighting for the good fight. our thoughts with our with the iraqi family -- with the john
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in the loss of a good friend. john mackey has inspired me and will continue to inspire our players. he will be missed, but never forgotten. a much-needed all-star break comes at fenway. boston entered the series really banged up. they will not have jon lester. and john mackey has been a punching bag of late. -- john lackey has been a punching bag of late. andrew miller, first pitch at the 7:10 p.m. on wbal radio.
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>> following reports of new information the felicia barnes murder investigation. tonight at 11:00 p.m., someone reportedly access to her facebook page. antonette 11:00 p.m., the bill one state lawmaker is opposing
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>> severe storms are trekking through, especially eastern baltimore county, north and in your rental -- and a rondo county, eastern dundalk as well as essex county. it watch goes all the way back to frederick county tomorrow afternoon. it looks like it will clear up in time for the weekend. that would be some pretty nice timing. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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